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Kamila Sumelka

Massage increases elasticity leveling minor scars and smoothing of the skin. Aroma of Essentials oils that are used In the product refreshes and the massage advances local blood circulation. Application, together with a balanced combination of bio-active agents, works In 4 stages of the effect.

  1. Warming- through of the skin , supplying it with blood increases microcirculation of the blood , improves metabolism In particular area, providing better nourishing.
  2. Stimulation of lymphatic system facilitates washing away of toxins , cleansing affected areas from unwanted wastes.
  3. Acceleration and support of energy metabolism In FAT cells enhances destructions of unwanted fat .
  4. Smoothing of small scars generated by collapsed fat cells that ,,pull,, the skin surfaces in and create uneven relief of the skin , also known as Orange peel.

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